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Management of Wealth is a process that combines time, strategy and patience into a tailor made plan for individual investors at certain stages of their lives. The Wealth Strategists will carefully design a solution that aims to reduce the impact of negative factors on one’s investment portfolio. Such factors include costs, taxes, inflation, behavioural science and communication.
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The Wealth Strategist has partnered with exceptional fund managers allowing for superior returns and stability in portfolios over the years. As part of the Wealth Strategist, our approach to investment management follows a simple yet well managed process in association with The Wealth Strategist Fund Management.

It consists of five steps;

5 steps of portfolio management
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Our individual journey to financial independence is never a guaranteed path as we are continuously exposed to some form of risk or unexpected event that may bring changes in our wealth plans. Your Wealth Strategist will assist in identifying threats to your plan and implement strategies to safeguard your financial position should such events transpire.

The Wealth Strategist offer tailor made product solutions such as;

► Life insurance
► Medical insurance
► Business insurance including key persons, buy and sell agreements, share holder agreements
► Employee risk benefits
► Asset protection
► Estate duty protection
► Funeral products
► Domestic solutions
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