PVC Mining hoses

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Premier piping system is a capable and dedicated supplier with the correct solution-based approach in meeting and exceeding our client's expectations. 

Our experienced and focused team are well placed and equipped and contain the correct experience and qualifications to carry out their functions with diligence and skills.

It is our vision that premier piping system may be of service to all prospective clients in the private, professional and public sector.


Premier Piping System tPVC™ (titanium PVC)
Restrained Joint Pipe* is a non-metallic joint
restraining system designed for use in various
sectors and fire protection systems and other
restrained joint applications. The inability of some soils to support thrust blocks, resulted in the development of this product. The piping is manufactured in accordance with SANS (South African National Standard) 1283:2014 which contains the most stringent test criteria of all PVC pipe systems. PPS tPVC™ Pipe and joint systems are designed to eliminate costly concrete thrust blocks in a properly engineered water reticulation system.



The company has invested heavily in automation to streamline its manufacturing and warehousing operations and to maintain its competitiveness. It has installed state-of-the-art Materials Handling and Conveying systems. A computerized Warehouse Management System enables the business to stock and pick finished products accurately and efficiently. Premier Piping System supply its products throughout South Africa and Namibia and is rapidly expanding its customer base in mainland Africa and beyond.